Posted by: monicaisabamf | April 24, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse!!

My survival during the zombia apocalyspe is pretty much dependent on my guy friends. The current zombie contingency plan is for them to come grab me and then set up a base in the middle of nowhere (aka huntsville). Tony has his cavalry rifle, which i consider wimpy. Chris has the Ar-15 and the WWII German Mauzer (really big gun that shoots really big bullets), as well as a shotgun and a pistol. The guys taught me how to shoot so I can shoot the AR and the cavalry rifle, next time I learn how to handle the shotgun (my video gaming zombie killing weapon of choice).
Now, should these two guys fall in first wave of zombie attacks, I do have another option or two. First, I can hide in the orchestra pit here at the college (nobody actually goes down there EVER). Or my buddy in Colorado will drive down and bring me back up there to his wilderness base. Actually, I might be safer up there in the mountains than if I stayed here in huntsville..

Posted by: monicaisabamf | April 22, 2009

Earth Day!!!!!

I think that every day should be dedicated to environmental awareness! There is so much work to do cleaning up our planet. Everyone should be involved but not enough people care. There needs to be more national attention given to cleaning up the environment. CNN should spend less time on stupid unimportant stories (they spent almost an hour yesterday talking about whether or not that one captive Somali pirate is a minor). CNN should use some air time to instruct normal people how to help conserve energy and resources, all of which will help people save money in the long run. So spending more time showing people how to protect the planet would go over really well because people WANT to know how to save money!!

Posted by: monicaisabamf | April 20, 2009


currently my mind is on a bunch of trivial things.
mainly breakfast, since im hungry and didnt have time to make food before i left my house. i could actually really go fpr ihop right now. hashbrowns. bacon. eggs sunny side up. mmmmmmmm…… unfortunately im gonna have to settle for whatever i can find in the cafeteria here. which means grease grease and more grease with a side of salt. usually i wouldnt mind because my metabolism is pretty fast. but my sister’s wedding is in a little over a month and im picking up my bridesmaids dress tomorrow. im worried about not fitting into it, or gaining weight between now and the wedding because ive gained 5 pounds since ordering the dress and i cant seem to drop them. stupid thyroid!!! ive never been on a diet in my life so im not sure what works and whats unhealthy.
im worried about where im gonna live this summer. my mom seems intent on kicking me out as soon as we get back from becca’s wedding. which means i have to get everything in line for a new place or somewhere to crash for a week or two. i could either live in a place with someone who only needs his room for the occasional crash site, or live in an apartment with my two best guy friends. im leaning towards the guys just so i have company. and i would probably only pay a third of the rent money no matter where i go.. but i dont have a job or a car so i need to fix one or both of those (job first, car second, and yes i know thats backwards..).
stupid stupid parents.

Posted by: monicaisabamf | April 17, 2009

Research Paper

The issue I’m considering for my paper is stem cell research. My dad is a biochemist and he has som really strong opinions on the subject. So I will interview him and maybe some colleagues, that should be pretty interesting.

Posted by: monicaisabamf | April 8, 2009


if i could go anywhere in the world, i have no idea where id go! there are so many places. new zealand to see the maori and the rainforests and all of the amazing birds of paradise (there are over 40 varieties just in new zealand). i wanna go to rome so i can see all of the amazing architecture. and athens!! because athens is AMAZING!! i want to go to auschwitz to see the concentration camp and the gas chambers. remember the heritage and all of that, honor the dead. i want to see paris!!! and russia! i might actually get to go to russia once chris comes back from iraq (he leaves in 2010) because we are starting to plan this HUGE trip there and it should be glorious. GLORIOUS!

Posted by: monicaisabamf | April 3, 2009

G20 rioters

Ok. So. Bad decision to use violence to support your claims because violence does nothing more than reduce you to little more than an animal in the eyes of everyone else. However, the most likely reason these people resorted to violence was because they feel very strongly about whatever issues they are protesting and didn’t think their views would be noticed without some sort of huge media protest thing.

I for one have no idea what got them so worked up that they decided to protest. Sucks for them that their protest pushed the actual issue they are protesting right out of the spotlight. Angry mobs never seem to understand how much their anger overshadows whatever injustice they are angry about. Their views should be heard, don’t get me wrong. But they need to learn that violence is not the best or only way to get attention.

Posted by: monicaisabamf | April 1, 2009

religion vs cult

A cult is a cohesive social group with devotional beliefs or practices which the surrounding population believes to be outside the mainstream practices.
A religion is an organized approach to human spirituality which usually involves a moral code of some sort.
They have similar definitions but different connotations. However, I really dont have the mental capacity at the moment to go into this topic too thoroughly…

Posted by: monicaisabamf | March 27, 2009

favorite song

its really difficult for me to say with any degree of certainty what my favorite song is. i listen to a lot of music from a lot of different genres. at the moment, my favorite band is linkin park. but my favorite song? no clue. theres too much good stuff out there to come to a decision!
or, i could just go with “holding out for a hero” by frou frou. mainly because i love the harmonic line and frou frou is really good with vocal arrangements.

Posted by: monicaisabamf | March 23, 2009

making up for that one post about spring break

woo! my spring break was ummm strange. i slept for the first few days. then i went CAMPING! really and truly, i hadnt been camping since i was like four years old. peeing on a tree was definitely…interesting. and saving my friend’s girlfriend from hypothermia was even more interesting, its not that often that you get further with your ex’s girlfriend than you ever did with your ex. muahahahaha. oh and then there were those two mountains i climbed. yup. im a beast =D

Posted by: monicaisabamf | March 23, 2009

Bailout Bonuses

ok so first off id like to say that the AIG scandal is completely ridiculous. but its also a good example of what NOT to do with government bailout funds. for example, do NOT give all those funds to corporate execs as nice bonuses for DOING A REALLY SHITTY JOB. if the company was in such financial trouble, how exactly could those execs have earned any sort of bonus? if it were me, id fire them and then use the bailout money to put the company back on its feet.
then again, maybe id just take that money and RUN LIKE HELL.

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